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Message from Joe Rock, Director of Youth Ministry


I just had the opportunity to escape the Minnesota arctic tundra and spend a week in Hawaii with my family. And hands down my favorite thing about the trip was watching whales. Maui is on the humpback whale’s annual migration route. When you look out into the ocean you see whales breaching everywhere. They’re also flapping their tails on the water and sometimes they roll to their side and wave at you with one of their fins. It is just so cool. It was a blessing to watch these creatures do what they were created to do.

That got me thinking. I got to see some pretty awesome, unique whale action. But what God helped me realize is that I am watching just one nano-percentage of all the cool whale activity that has ever happened in the history of the world. Whales are still doing their thing when I’m not watching. And more than whales, there are so many more beautiful, natural things that I don’t see. All this cool stuff goes largely unseen by human eyes. But God sees it all. And he delights in it. He delights in his creation that he calls “good” in Genesis chapter 1. He’s a Creator, he didn’t just create once, he creates. And we get to spend eternity with a constantly creating God, doing what we were created to do: give him glory.

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