We love having children in worship with us!
Children have a special place in the church, and Living Word has lots of families and little ones.  Busy bags are located in the back of the Sanctuary near the kitchenette for your child’s use anytime during the service. 
Starting on Sunday, September 12th, if your little one is restless and you would like some help, nursery care is available on Sunday mornings from 7:30 AM – Noon. You can accompany your child to play in the nursery or you can leave them with our Nursery Team, who will work together to ensure your child is well cared for while you attend the service.
Your child’s safety and security is very important to us!

All adult nursery staff and volunteers are background checked.

Additionally, we use a program called Check-Ins, accessed through the Church Center App, to check your children in and out of the nursery. 

At check-in, two labels will print.  The first is a name label for your child.  The second is a security label that will stay with the parent until check-out.

Where is the nursery located?
The nursery is located on the main level, past the staff offices, in the hallway with the Sunday School classrooms.  You can drop your child off with a caregiver there. 
When is nursery care available?
Nursery care is available with volunteer caregivers during worship services.  When caregivers are not available, the nursery is still open for your own use as long as you are present to supervise your child.   
Occasionally we’ll provide nursery care during studies and events; we’ll let you know if so.
What ages are typically in the nursery?
The nursery has appropriate caregivers, games and activities for little ones from birth to about kindergarten.  
Who is taking care of my child in the nursery?
Our nursery caregivers are volunteers from our congregation and church family and include adults and high school youth.
Do nursery caregivers change diapers?
If you’d like them to do so and provide changing supplies, they absolutely can change diapers.  If you’d prefer they do not, please make that clear at drop off.
What if my child cries and needs me?
Our nursery caregivers will come find you in the sanctuary if your child is inconsolable.