Gratitude activities for kids that will help make gratitude a daily ritual:
  • Everyday Moments: Take time to pause at the small moments and say out loud what comes to your heart. It can be something like, “Wow, the fall leaves on the trees are so beautiful!” or “Dad, you are the best storyteller!”.
  • Journal of Gratitude & Thankfulness: Take turns at dinner sharing one awesome thing from your day. Record them in a journalThe idea behind this is to bring your family journal to the dinner table each night and have every share what they are grateful for today. My prayer is that this will become a tradition in your home, creating journal after journal of things you are grateful for.  What a blessing it will be to look at your past journals and see the blessings after blessings that God has lavished you with.  
  • Car Game: In the car play a game where you say all the things you love (color, food, movie, hobby, school, class, sport, song, etc.).
  • Serve One Another: Every Sunday share one nice thing you will do for someone this week.
  • Thank You Notes: Write Thank You notes to others.
  • Thankfulness Activity: Instructions below.  
“Thank Him for Your Blessings with an Overflowing Cup” – Thankfulness Activity
Objective: Even on our worst days, God gives us something to be thankful for.  This activity helps children see how many blessings God has given us.
  • A clear cup
  • A small ladle
  • A container of water
  • A towel or pan to catch drips
Gather your family together around your kitchen table with the empty cup, ladle, and container of water ready to go.  Ask you family to think of 2 or 3 blessings God has given to them – things and people they are thankful for.  Go around from person to person and have them place a ladle full of water into the cup as they share their blessing.  When the cup is nearly full don’t stop.  Allow the cup to overflow onto the table and explain how God’s blessings to us are overflowing, more than we deserve and more than we can think of.  End the activity in prayer of thanksgiving to our Lord, thanking him for the blessings that he gave us today and the blessing of his Son who came to this earth to save us from our sins.