3 Year Old Bible Education
A place where children and parents learn about God together 
a1st and 3rd Sunday of each month
9:15am Opening Worship
in the Gathering Room
Followed by Bible Education
Parent attendance required
Questions and Registration
Contact Jaci Peterson
Parents and kids learning together

Our three year old program runs differently from our Pre K – 6th Grade program.  These littlest students operate best in a world full of discovery and exploration.  

We use the Bibles that our three year olds receive in September as the structure for their class.  We hope and pray that our class time together gets your family talking and reading with your child at home about the things we do together in class.

Through worship music, crafts and fun activities hand in hand with mom and dad, your little one will learn about Jesus through Bible stories, build friendships with other kids, and learn to live for Jesus and honor Him. 

3 Year Olds Program FAQ
•     What ages attend the 3 year old program?
Our three year old program is open to any child who turns three by September 1st.  To enroll in our four year old program, your child will need to be four on or before September 1st.
•     Where do we meet for the 3 year old program?
Parents and three year olds meet together in the Gathering Room (main level next to the kitchenette) at 9:15 the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month for Opening Worship.  Your little one will learn new songs and actions along with the rest of the children in Pre K-6th Grade.  After Opening Worship, we will move to Jaci’s office (main level next to the prayer room) for class.  Class ends at 10:15am.
•     What do we learn in the 3 year old program?
We begin with opening worship with all the youth classes together.  After worship, parents will be dismissed with their child to their classroom in Jaci’s office.   Jaci will lead the lesson and you will be there to help your child engage through songs, crafts, and Bible stories. 
•     Why am I required to attend class with my 3 year old?
Due to the tender age of a 3 year old and the likelihood of separation anxiety, we find it beneficial for parents to attend and engage with the child together through songs, crafts and Bible stories.
•     Can we come every week?
You are welcome to bring your child each week for opening worship, but we only hold class for 3 year olds the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month, unless there is a holiday or school vacation.
•     Do we need to be members to register?
Nope!  Whether you are members or not, whether you attend once, occasionally or regularly, you are welcome to join us.  
•     Is there a registration fee for class?
There is no fee for registering and you can register at any time. 
•     How do I register my child for class?
Contact Jaci at 507.337.9673